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Starting an Etsy Shop

My Store, She is Sad.

So, I have looked more closely at other shops, (March 21, ’13)and I`ve been remembering the saying: If you aren`t moving forward, you are sliding backward. And my shop, while not a complete failure, is not exactly hopping. So, in an effort to improve things, I`m pulling together a lot more merchandise and variety, so I can get the sales really hopping!

I Opened a Store

I feel this will channel some of my creative energy, so I`m not distracting you all with three posts a day,like I did in January! Crazy trend. The only way I`ve been able to combat it so far is by putting the extra posts which aren`t time sensitive on a schedule. It got so bad, I had to push posts forward and ended up with scheduled posts for the majority of January! It seems lately I have gone in the other direction, as there was even a whole day where I didn`t have a new post made! In my defense, I used up a lot of my ‘make new posts energy’ back when I was sick.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So instead of spinning my wheels, I`ve decided to do something I`ve always dreamed of doing. I`ve been planning for years to one day have an amazing little boutique tucked away on Kingstreet in Old Towne, Alexandria. So far, that hasn`t gone so hot. No wonder when you factor in tuition fees, and the fact that I kind of feel a bit young to be a full time entrepreneur. But then I had a fabulous idea the other day! “Why not,” I thought, “have an Etsy store?” Brilliant.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

My First Collection

So I have been hard at work pulling together a collection to share with all of you fabulous readers. Since I think this season is all about the new urbanite, I`ve called the first one the  George Towne collection. I think you`ll be as excited by what you see as I was excited to be making it!

Maybe a few hundred dollars (once I`ve paid for that Spring break trip, and other expenses) in I`ll even be able to buy a dress form, and start offering a full line. In the meantime, I think these are the perfect accessories to jazz up your classic pieces.

The pictures don`t actually do it justice, there is a lot more than just these little earrings. This just happens to be the only group photos I took. There is also a bracelet, two necklaces, a necklace that thinks it is a garland, and an anklet. It is pretty cool! You`ll really just have to go over there and check it out.

Where There`s a Will, There`s a Lawyer Writing It

(I don`t know if they have the saying in your country, but Stateside this is a play off the original phrase, “Where there`s a will, there`s a way,” which boils down to the idea that anything can happen if you work really hard at finding a way to make it happen.  I think this really fits what`s happened to me! I messed with the original saying because I`m a little impish, and I revel in these sort of tongue-in-cheek jokes.)

Why this mad rush to sell stuff? Well, for one thing, it is because I actually wanted to, like I told you above. What I may not have mentioned is that I also really had to do something, and this seemed like the best thing to do. You see, for my Spring Break trip that I`ve talked about a million times, I need another $150 before the first of March. If I had my druthers, I would have had them today. But I didn`t, and I don`t, and I`ll just have to live with that. I do have a part time job that will get me some of that in time, but it is very part time. And though it pays really well considering how little I have to do and how infrequently I have to be there, and the job is actually super fun, it still won`t make up the difference in time.

Flashback Time!

So I was rather despondent when my bank account notice came in at the beginning of the month. I felt rather hopeless, to tell the truth. But then, when I was reorganizing my earrings, I thought back to sunny days with my longest ever friend, sitting cross legged and creating bits of jewelry. Some of the original pieces were very abstract, if you want to make squiggles sound funny. But it was so fun to be with my friend, laughing and telling jokes as we did something we loved. Somehow through the years skill came into play, and better equipment, and even better beads. But with all of these fancy additions, I still loved my hobby as just that, a thing to bring me a smile. Thinking back to those golden times, I knew I wanted to make some more, and then sell some of my creations. It makes me so happy to think that some of my golden memories could be held in, and passed on, by bits of wire and glass that I molded to my vision. I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoyed working on it!

Is it a win, or a flop? Give me your feedback, I`d love to hear what you have to say!


22 comments on “Starting an Etsy Shop

  1. lacartera
    February 12, 2013

    YAY I love the earrings! Great News in opening your Etsy shop. I think it’s great that you can follow your dream. In my opinion it’s a WIN! I’m right behind you and I hope to open an Etsy shop sometime next month or begning of April.

    • thegreatzambini
      February 12, 2013

      It sounds so fun, right? And it`s an excuse to do what you love. Thanks for the support, I just hope it can fund my little adventure in time!

      • lacartera
        February 12, 2013

        It does sound like fun, and I hope you can fund your adventure too! :) “The quote of the day is.. if you don’t take a chance, you don’t stand a chance.” So take a chance! :)

      • thegreatzambini
        February 12, 2013

        I like that quote! That`s exactly what I`ve done, taking a chance that things will all line up in less than a month. Very stressful, but exciting too!

      • lacartera
        February 12, 2013

        Great! So what’s the cost for a pair of earrings? I have check out your Etsy link, because I love your earrings.

      • thegreatzambini
        February 12, 2013

        It costs a bit for materials and overhead, so when I looked at similar earrings they all were about $15. So that`s how much mine are! (I know, it is so expensive, but so are materials!)

      • lacartera
        February 12, 2013

        They are reasonably priced and I’ve rebogged too. I’ve checked out the store, and I will buy something over the weekend too! :) I just hope there’s something left.

      • thegreatzambini
        February 12, 2013

        Thank you so much for all of your support! It means a lot :) I`m sure there will be something left, and if not, I have a few other projects I`m working on that I could post.

      • lacartera
        February 12, 2013

        That’s great news and I know the new owner too! :)

      • thegreatzambini
        February 12, 2013

        It`s always nice to know people! :)

      • lacartera
        February 12, 2013


  2. lacartera
    February 12, 2013

    Reblogged this on lacartera and commented:
    Please take a look! A new Etsy store just opened. If you’re looking for cute earrings this is the place..

  3. shellakers
    February 12, 2013

    You’re hilarious! Good job on opening up an Etsy store. I know it takes a lot of work and discipline AND determination.

    • thegreatzambini
      February 12, 2013

      Thank you! It took all of that, but I think I would have been lazy if desperation hadn`t entered the picture too! (I`m actually a very lazy person, I don`t know how I get posts up each day!)

      • shellakers
        February 12, 2013

        There you go again, making me laugh! Well, lazy or not, I’m glad to find you ;-)

      • thegreatzambini
        February 12, 2013

        Thank you! I`m gonna` admit, I`m glad you found me too. :)

  4. burlesquemoon
    February 13, 2013

    I sell on Etsy. It’s a great place. :)

  5. Shirely Pullom
    February 17, 2013

    Passed by your post and decided to share it on my blog so my followers can see it too. I used the same title, “Starting an Etsy Shop | thegreatzambini's Blog”

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