Louis Vuitton bothers me: No Originality in Haute Couture

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I know that I`m about to mortally wound and offend a few of my readers, but I couldn`t resist. You see, I was scrolling through a few blogs, and found this amazing post on handbags at Thecitizensoffashion. I was reeled in by the fabulously ostentatious snake purse at the top of the page. Is no one else as intrigued by this idea as I am? This was amazing.

I love this bag. It is so overdone it`s ridiculous, and I love it.
I love this bag. It is so overdone it`s ridiculous, and I love it.

But at the bottom of the page, something threw me off. Something small, a minor detail, you may say. But I was completely thrown. Another predictable bag from Louis Vuitton was included! Is no one else agog at this major travesty?

Just like every other L.V. bag ever invented...
Just like every other L.V. bag ever invented…

I feel like everything Louis Vuitton has every made looks like carbon copies of everything else they`ve made.LV-2

As just one of many examples, we have this brown messenger bag. It is also brown, leather, bearing the signature pattern stamped on. It has the same square shape as the first bag, with handles that largely mirror the handle on the first bag.

The third bag is practically the same!
The third bag is practically the same!

Here we have another example of the basic L.V. bag, showcasing the same square shape and slouch as the original. All three bags also share the handle, print, leather, shape, gold hardware, and general vibe. Basically, Louis Vuitton`s way of making new bags seems to be taking the concept of brand unification to the extreme by having no new ideas! Huge dissapointment. It really bums me out when tragedies like this take place in the fashion world, making me wonder if the French and New York style of fashion is actually soon to be burned out. As in, if this sort of unoriginality keeps up, I can see these cities` fashion weeks becoming blips on the map, as the fast growing fashion weeks of South Korea and India eclipse them.

I suppose that is just following in the wake of the economic and political shift of the world powers moving from the West back home to the East hemisphere.

I guess I just like crazy trends, though. Remember that glasses post? Some of those were pretty crazy, especially the color block ones by Urban Outfitters.

Sorry I had two fashion posts in a row, but I couldn`t help it. It happens when you scroll through the reader with about 600 hits on the keyword ‘fashion’. For that matter, I did a post on studs too, though that was really more of a note than a whole post. The article on snacking on the go was really tailored for those fashionably busy souls, especially the section on adorable bentos near the bottom. And I think part of being fashionable starts in the morning, with your on-trend bathing products. In case you weren`t aware, there`s a post for that. Love them quotes, I gotta tell you!

Anyone else have as dire predictions as mine, or nearly as upset by the lack of originality continually showcased by these famous designers? I feel like they all show case the same trends each season. Bit of a bummer, as I`ve said before. Feel free to contradict me in the comments though, as I always love our tete a tetes.

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